Monday, January 18, 2010


My husband is a man who gives endlessly, selflessly, and without reservation to his family. He works long days, and then comes home and cares for his children with all the energy he can muster. He gives his daughter bath time every night, reads her bedtime stories and says goodnight prayers. He plays baby dolls, performs puppet shows and kisses boo-boos. He changes diapers, makes meals, and cleans the kitchen. My husband wakes with our baby at all hours of the night, giving her a bottle and settling her to sleep. He pays the bills, takes out the trash and vacuums the floors. My husband encourages my hobbies, supports my dreams and works his hardest to make them come true. He has afforded me the opportunity to stay at home with our children.

I am so proud of this man. He is a better Father than I imagined, and a most supportive Husband. I want to thank him publicly for sacrificing his own goals and dreams for his family. Recently, my husband sold his share of the company he started so that he could be home more with his children...and me too, i suppose. :) What a testament of the man he is.

He is destined for greatness, and I am so happy to be by his side. There is no other man I would rather spend every tomorrow with; no other man I would want my children to call "Daddy."

We love you, Dan. You are the light of our lives, and we are so proud to call you "ours."

~ Shannon, Anna and Lily


  1. Girl, you made me cry... I'm so thankful that the Lord has given you such an incredible gift in Dan. It doesn't seem like that long ago, you were excited about this guy wearing his "Security" T-shirt and going to rake leaves just to hang out with him! Ah, so many memories! How wonderful to have a man who loves you so tangibly! I rejoice with you at this wonderful man that God has given to you and your beautiful girls!

  2. this makes me think of all those times when we were in college and we'd have our little "crushes", wondering why it never worked out, and yet, thank God that they didn't! You are truly lucky to have a husband like Dan, as I know that I'm truly lucky to have a husband like Tony. Our girls are lucky to have these men be their fathers. I agree with you whole-heartedly, you, Anna and Lily are adundantly blessed!

  3. Beautiful Shannon. So happy in God's goodness to you...

  4. So beautiful. Where would we be without our hubbies? Just stumbled across your blog! Beautiful girls. I love your quote about daughters and the one about sisters, I have two girls too and am lovin' it!

  5. Such a loving tribute to your husband. Very sweet!

  6. Beautiful girls. I too have an Anna~